Friday, February 17, 2012


This week has gone by in SUCH a blur and too quickly for my taste. But it is the Friday of a long weekend and I am thrilled! Malone and I are off on Monday for President's Day and are already anticipating a "date" day filled with his friends and my mama friends.

In preparation for this InstaFriday, I went looked through my phone and realized the majority of the photos I take are of my son. While this is well and good, there are other beautiful things in my world that I want to capture besides just him. This week, I made a concentrated effort to capture a more of my entire world.

This french macaroon was the breakfast of champions on Sunday. Even better, it was made by my friend Nick who bakes at co-op. I stopped there on Sunday morning to pick up a few things for a Blessingway I was on my way to. (this article explains pretty well what a Blessingway is, if you're wondering).

As I came out of the co-op, I looked down and knew the day was going to be extraordinary. I have never come across double lucky pennies found on the ground.

The Blessingway was beautiful. While I was not the guest of honor, I was honored to be a guest. The ceremony involved each attendee presenting the mama with a bead, a story behind the chosen bead, and wishes for her labor, delivery, journey into motherhood as a mama of two, or transition of her first child into big sister. It was lovely and a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday morning.

Meme (aka my mother in law) was hear this weekend and enjoyed tons of time with Malone, including a nap. We'd love to have more of her in our life, but she lives a three our drive away.

We made heart shaped crayons for Valentine's Day. They were very easy to do and the Crayolas melted beautifully. I loved that we could all work on this together, Mike and I peeled the crayons and Malone broke them. This activity was all over Pinterest this year. My pin was originally from The Long Thread. On the home front, celebrated Valentine's Day the way we always do without gifts or cards, but with Chinese take out.

Malone woke up super early one day this week. Literally, seconds after I woke up for my hour of me time (which I have found and is working out amazingly). I was defeated. On this particular day, I NEEDED this hour. BADLY.

But when Mike also woke up early, I realized that if we hustled we could have a breakfast date! We had a great time together and good food. It was a nice change of pace and I felt my grumpy shift into happy This picture cracks me up- Malone is drinking strawberry milk out of a to go coffee cup (best impromptu sippy cup ever). He has is cars lined up in a very specific order that only he understands.

Malone's love for books is continuing to blossom. He wants to take a book with him almost everywhere he goes. This was on the way to daycare after breakfast our breakfast date.

On a dinner time play date, Malone was excited to play with a play laptop. I was excited to catch up with my friend. Win win for everyone.

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