Saturday, January 21, 2012

I wasn't expecting this.

3 years ago when we moved here (just over the mountain from our old town), we agreed that living here was temporary. This place wasn't even really on our radar, but the rental we found was amazing and suited our needs to a tee.

The city itself isn't as desirable as some of the neighboring towns- the crime rate is higher, the schools are not known to be the best or even second best in the area. There are a lot of run down houses and old factories, signs that the times have changed. The word "inner city" is sometimes used.

But, little by little I have really fallen in love with my city. My neighborhood and neighbors are amazing. The city is rich with history and tradition. The population is diverse.

Recently, a new mayor was elected. He has such a fresh vision for change and a plan that I really can get behind. Good things are happening here.

We are dreaming about buying a house. Sometimes, I like to look to see what is available. And lately, I just can't see leaving our neighborhood.

I wasn't expecting this.

I'm linking this up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say and her wonderful Tuesday Meme, Pour Your Heart Out.


  1. Unexpected situations sometimes turn out to be better than ones you thought were pretty much determined. When you leave yourself open, there just may be enough to convince you to rethink a position you thought was cemented.

  2. Your city's description sounds like our neighborhood. I also love the diversity. So glad you found a city you love!