Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blank Slate.

2011's goals were not met, by A LONG SHOT.

In fact, I'd call every one of them (and there were 11) a big fat fail. They mostly failed for good reason, I set my goals TOO HIGH.

I've only made one goal this year, to be better at following through. In my work life and mothering life, I am great at following through. If I wasn't, I'd be unemployed and Malone would be well on his way to bratty-kid-dom. I mean what I say, and I do what I mean.

But with other areas of my life, I have not been shining in this area.

I have a pile of library books that were due in August sitting at door just waiting to be returned. A friend had a baby, I offered a meal, and then never followed up. I have a pile of thank you card to writes. I let an opportunity to give this blog a bit more exposure slip through my fingers. This list could go on and on and on.

There are other things that I'd like to happen in 2012. I guess I'll call them wishes instead of goals.

1. To have Malone diaper free during the day by this 3rd birthday. He's staying dry most days now, so this is well within reach.
2. To craft more.
3. To purchase a DSLR camera. I've almost got all of the money saved for this. It is SO HARD to pull the trigger.
4. To treat my body better- to be more mindful of the things I eat, to get more sleep, and to be more active.
5. To go on an overnight date with my husband.

2012 will be a great year.

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  1. Follow through has always been a problem of mine as well.

    Hope we both do better in 2012!