Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Tribe.

In the earliest days of motherhood I found my tribe- a group of women also in their earliest days of motherhood.

We are nursers.

We were formula feeders.

We cloth diaper.

We use disposable diapers.

We cosleep.

We can't stand kiddos in bed with us.

We say no to screen time.

We put tv on so we can pee or shower in peace.

We are stay at home moms.

We work part time.

We work full time.

We are potty training.

We believe the child will let us know when he/she is ready.

When someone is down and out, we RALLY to make sure they are supported and have the tools needed for success.

We are different.

We are the same.

We have walked through this journey called parenting side by side for two years.

We have celebrated the birth of 2nd children, an older child going off to preschool, moves to far away lands, moves to close away lands. We have mourned the loss of a job, a pet, and a parent.

We are quick to ask for child care help when needed. We are even quicker to respond when asked.

We share different views. The diversity of opinion on methods of child raising is respected, held close, and supported.

Our children do not know life without each other in it. They have been together since they were weeks old. In the beginning we drank coffee and worried. Now, we drink coffee and they play together.

Neither one of these babies belongs to the mama who is loving on him.

I could have never dreamed these friendships. I am so blessed. But even more importantly, my kiddo is so blessed.

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