Friday, August 5, 2011

Feels so wrong, feels so good.

This morning, I walked my husband and toddler down to the car, kissed them, and waved goodbye as they left for daycare and work.

I am working a later shift at work today and don't have to be in until 11:00 am. I should have came back inside to do domestic goddess things like mop the kitchen floor, start laundry, and vacuum.

But instead, I too hopped in the car.

I took myself out on a breakfast date. There is a place nearby that is our favorite. It has painted white exposed brick walls and the coffee is self serve. The food is classier than your normal diner food, but the servers are friendly and helpful.

Mike and I have been going to this place since it opened. After Malone was born, we brought him along with us too. It's "our" place.

I sat down at a table with a book in hand. It felt wrong to be there with out them. I felt like I was cheating on them. I missed them more than I expected I would today- especially when a family with a 2 year old came in. I wished my little someone and my big someone were there to share a pancake with me.

But then I observed that this 2 year old was adorable but demanding, just like my two year old.

I watched her parents star in the 3 ring circus that is going out to breakfast with a tot. I'm sure you know the rings- entertain the child, feed the child, feed yourself (aka shot gun a cup of coffee and shove food down your throat as fast as you can while coloring/reading/playing with child).

Instead, I got 45 minutes of breakfast/coffee in peace shared with a excellent book.

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